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Saint John’s Elderberries group and its leadership team, the Board of Older Adult Ministries, were founded about 28 years ago. In 1990, through a Synod and District program, Pastor Wille and a group of interested members started the group to serve the older members of Saint John’s. The name “Elderberries” was chosen through a naming contest. It is the function of the board to plan activities and carry them out by being the behind-the-scenes workers.

To attend an Elderberries activity, there is nothing to join. You just need to come and enjoy the fellowship of your church family. This includes any and all Saint John’s members, not just our “older adults.”

Our upcoming events will include the annual Pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 15, for Saint John’s members and guests from Immanuel, Peace with Christ, Mt. Olive and Redeemer Lutheran churches. This event is free, but we ask that attendees bring non-perishable food items for Saint John’s Food Bank. There will be a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center to RSVP for the dinner.

We will then host the noon meals after the morning Advent worship services in December. The food is provided and those attending are asked to make a free-will donation to help cover the cost of the meals. These lunches have proven to be very popular with many of our Elderberries. It’s a great time to socialize and get to know other members of Saint John’s, or get better acquainted with those you already know. If you haven’t already been coming to these services and lunches, please do. You will be spiritually and physically nourished.

On another note, we are suspending our Third Thursday activities for the time being, as attendance has been quite low. However, folks seem to especially like the travelogues presented by some of our Saint John’s members. When someone would like to share slides from a special trip they have taken, we will schedule a Thursday potluck followed by their presentation. If you or someone you know would like to do this, please let us know!

Also, our board is always on the lookout for a few “good souls” to join our ranks. Since at any given time we active retirees may be out of town or otherwise unavailable, lots of folks are needed for those “behind-the-scenes” jobs. If you are interested in giving us a hand and/or joining our board, please let us know by calling Diane Harding. Thank you!

The Elderberries Board (the Board of Older Adult Ministries) affirms the unique worth of older persons, equips older people for ministry and provides opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for older adults.