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It was a busy time in the Saint John’s library from March to December 2018, with 28 books checked out. Some of these books have been returned and some are still being read and enjoyed by Saint John’s members.

In addition to tracking the circulation, new titles are constantly being added to the collection. Processing a new book starts by adding the book to either the adult or the children’s section of the library database, cataloging the book using the Library of Congress classification system and, finally, printing and placing a spine label on the new book. Once a spine label is in place, the book is ready to be shelved. Most new books start out shelved in either the “New Books” or “Pastor’s Picks” portions of the library. This makes it easy to scan the collection for new books!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the library or you are looking for a new book to read, stop by! “Check Out” information and a print copy of all book titles are both available and can be found on the top of the book shelf.

Joyce Hart volunteers every Wednesday in the church office and has been cataloging and managing the church library.