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By the end of summer, the children’s portion of Saint John’s library should be completely catalogued. If you get a chance, stop by and check the progress.

While there, look at some of the new titles recently added to the general collection. They are located on the shelf labelled “Pastor’s Picks” in the adult section of the library.

One of the new titles is Man Up! by Jeffrey Hemmer. To offer a short preview of this book: the blurb on the back of the book states that “Man Up! cuts through all the noise of the world and goes back to what our Creator says about being a man in His creation. It isn’t about taking down the feminists or reclaiming your rights as a man. It’s about living in the example and grace of Jesus.”

If you would like to check out Man Up! or any other interesting book from our library, just sign out the book using the Check-Out sheet. It’s very simple! All you do is list the book title and your name. Just two steps, and then the fun step: enjoy the book!

Joyce Hart volunteers every Wednesday in the church office and has been cataloging and managing the church library.