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Looking for a new book to read? In March, the library at Saint John’s will be adding 27 titles to its collection. Take a moment and stop by to view the new books along with the books in the “Pastor’s Recommendations” section of the library. Also, parents and grandparents interested in books pertaining to Easter should take a look at the Easter books located in a tote on the top shelf of the bookcase.

Also growing in the library is the circulation count. Over fifty titles have been checked out since the library was inventoried, cataloged and organized using spine classification book labels.

To pique your interest, here are short reviews of two of the new new books found in the section marked “Pastor’s Recommendations”:

Luther the Reformer—The Story of the Man and His Career, Second Edition

James M. Kittelson and Hans H. Wiersma. For thirty years, Kittelson’s autobiography on Luther (Luther the Reformer) presented a “highly respected, complete chronological picture of Luther”. For this second edition, Hans H. Wiersma “has made an outstanding text even better. The research is updated and the text is revised throughout, with images, bibliographies and timelines to enhance the experience. It’s a great volume, greatly improved.”

Being Lutheran

A. Trevor Sutton. In an excerpt from the book cover, Rev. Tim Niekerk (of Salem Lutheran Church) states, “Whether you are a lifelong Lutheran, a Christian struggling in a pluralistic world or just someone seeking answers about who Jesus is, this book is well worth the experience of reading.”

Both books are new additions to Pastor Nettleton’s picks for the congregation. You can find them on the shelf labeled “Pastor Recommendations.”

Joyce Hart volunteers every Wednesday in the church office and has been cataloging and managing the church library.