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It’s time once again for Concordia Publishing House’s Fall Bible Sale. Every year CPH offers a set of Bibles and new and classic study materials at a discount. Plus, if we order over a certain amount, we get free shipping. If you’re in the market for a new Bible, need a great gift or are interested by one of the books below, please stop at the table by the Welcome Center to sign up.

Lutheran Bible Companion Set

Immerse yourself in historical, archaeological, theological and biblical knowledge with this new two-volume set. Each book of the Bible—as well as the Apocrypha—are covered in detail, along with commentary from Lutheran theologians. Includes more than 600 color photographs and art illustrating stories, daily life and landscapes.

Hardback 01-2112YFL $57.99

La Biblia de la Reforma

The premier Spanish study Bible, in honor of the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Commentaries from Luther, sixteenth and seventeenth century reformers and 130 contemporary theologians offer deeper understanding of God’s Word. Includes insightful introductions to every book of the Bible, over 6,000 crossreferences, the words of Jesus in red, maps, charts and articles.

Hardback 16-6466YFL $49.99
Leather 16-6566YFL $64.99

Today’s Light Devotional Bible (ESV)

Read the entire Bible in just 15 minutes a day. This complete reference Bible offers a one-year, a two-year, or a chronological reading plan. Includes a daily “Big Picture” and “Focus” devotional commentary by Dr. Jane L. Fryar and more than 90,000 center-column cross-references.

Hardback 01-2104YFL $26.99

The Lutheran Study Bible (ESV)

Now available in a convenient compact paperback edition! Engage in devotional, Christ-centered Bible reading and study with comprehensive notes and practical application. This best-selling study Bible features the English Standard Version and distinctively Lutheran notes. Know where to turn for everyday matters like leadership, love, honesty, and reconciliation with the biblical topics guide and concordance.

Hardback 01-2030YFL $39.99
Hardback with Thumb Index 01-2031YFL $44.99
New! TLSB Compact, Paperback 01-2116YFL $24.99
Large Print, Hardback 01-2036YFL $44.99
Large Print, Black Genuine Leather 01-2037YFL $82.99
Large Print, Sangria Genuine Leather 01-2038YFL $82.99
Black Genuine Leather 01-2032YFL $76.99
Sangria Genuine Leather 01-2033YFL $76.99
Black Genuine Leather with Thumb Index 01-2034YFL $82.99
Sangria Genuine Leather with Thumb Index 01-2035YFL $82.99
Black Bonded Leather 01-2039YFL $64.99
Sangria Bonded Leather 01-2040YFL $64.99
Black Bonded Leather with Thumb Index 01-2041YFL $69.99
Sangria Bonded Leather with Thumb Index 01-2042YFL $69.99
Compact DuoTone Brown 01-2095YFL $44.99
Compact DuoTone Black 01-2096YFL $44.99
Compact DuoTone Royal Blue/Black 01-2069YFL $44.99
Compact DuoTone Pink/Chocolate 01-2070YFL $44.99
DuoTone Burgundy Luther’s Rose 01-2086YFL $49.99
DuoTone Purple Luther’s Rose 01-2087YFL $49.99

Concordia Self-Study Bible (NIV)

Combines the easy-reading language of the New International Version with Lutheran interpretive notes. An ideal choice for personal and group Bible study.

Hardback 01-1781YFL $39.99

The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes

Essential reading for filling in the 400-year gap between the Old and New Testaments, this is the first and only ESV edition of the Apocrypha with notes and annotations by Lutherans. It is a key resource for understanding the New Testament’s background.

Hardback 01-2065YFL $34.99

120 Bible Stories

Combining simple yet faithful texts with vibrant images, this collection accurately presents God’s words to children. With 120 Bible Stories, children explore both Testaments and understand God’s saving grace.

Hardback 01-2053YFL $16.99

Faith Alive Bible (ESV)

Our best-selling youth Bible is available in the English Standard Version, making it easy to use and understand. This full-color Bible is full of features like articles, charts, timelines, maps, and more.

Hardback 01-3000YFL $24.99

Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook Second Edition

Beginning with Aaron and ending with Zorah, the dictionary provides information about the people, places, customs, traditions, and terms found throughout the Bible. Readers will find answers to questions and explore summaries of many topics. Includes articles, charts, and genealogies.

Paperback 63-0900YFL $23.99

My Very First Holy Bible (ESV)

An ideal first “real” Bible for children, it features the English Standard Version combined with over 120 illustrations taken from our line of Growing in Christ paintings. For home and classroom use.

Hardback 01-2068YFL $19.99

The Story Bible

130 Bible stories communicate God’s words to children with faithful texts and vibrant artwork. Special emphasis has been made to highlight Old Testament promises about the coming of Jesus so children can make a connection with Jesus’ work of salvation in the New Testament.

Hardback 01-2049YFL $19.99

Tom Miles is the Parish Administrator at Saint John’s. You can reach him at the church office Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to Noon and 1:00 to 4:00 pm, at 482-5316 or at