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We now have an active Board of Adult Education at Saint John’s! We have put a team together and have been working to see exactly what our role will should be.

There are a number of good ideas, one of which is to build up the Church Library. Were you even aware that we had one for members? It is set up in Room 301. Books are there for you to browse and check out to take home for your enjoyment. There is a “check out” sheet where you leave your name and the name of the book and a date. There is also a “drop off” box where you return your books.

Spring weather is here, which means there will be some rainy days. Spend one of them looking through your own book collection and see if there's anything you can donate to share with other Saint John’s members. We are looking for books that would be spiritually appropriate. Just drop them off at the church office so that they can be cataloged and then placed in the library by our hard-working office volunteers.

And don't forget the magazine swap in the same room. Bring your favorite recently-published magazines and browse to see if anyone has left something that you would like to read. We encourage you to take a look and enjoy!

There will be other reminders for you throughout the year to give you an opportunity to clean up your book shelves (and even purchase books on our wishlist) and share with the congregation.

We have also been soliciting ideas that you may have for Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class or other special Bible Studies that you may like to see offered. We want to hear your ideas!

The members of the Board of Education are Dale Walters (chair), Jim Bernecker (secretary), Ron Hert, Kevin Seiler and RoxAnn Karkoff-Schweizer (Council liaison). If anyone has something for us to take to the committee, feel free to catch us. We will be around the church in Worship Service, coffee and other activities at Saint John’s.