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The chancel floor was installed in 2005 with the renovation of the Worship Center. The beautiful cherry floor served us well for nearly ten years, but took a few dings in that time. The scrapes, scratches and divots of normal use (plus a few larger dents from Christmas programs, piano moving and some “oops” events) were becoming noticeable, so it was time for our first refinish.

The Foundation decided to fund this project after finding that it would cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

The week of the refinishing, a volunteer crew cleared the chancel. Then, during the week, the floor was sanded down and a new stain was applied. (We’ll get another coat in a few months.) Then everything went back up onto the chancel in time for Sunday services.

Enjoy the new floor—gently! Remember: pads on anything that stands on the floor and only water (absolutely no chemicals) to clean the floor.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.