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During the last couple of years, Foundation funding as well as money designated to the Foundation through Thrivent Choice Dollars have been spent on numerous items.

Here's a list of those expenditures:

  • Supported mission trips to Haiti and New Orleans and upcoming trips to Africa, Peru and India;
  • Purchased a set of books and worship resources for the office library;
  • Replaced the carpet in the downstairs hallway (between the Large and Small Fellowship Halls);
  • Funded the salary of our summer intern;
  • Recarpeted and repainted the church office;
  • Replaced many church office furnishings;
  • Set up a reserve for future replacement of our aging boiler;
  • Purchased a set of new white coffee cups with the Saint John’s logo;
  • Made many roof repairs and replaced some sections of the roof;
  • Repaired and resurfaced the parking lot;
  • Paid for continuing education seminars for our called workers;
  • Provided educational funds for the training of church workers from our congregation;
  • Provided scholarship funds for seminary students;
  • Funded some marketing efforts of Open Arms preschool;
  • Paid for the hiring of special musicians—trumpet and other brass—for Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday’, Easter and other special worship services
  • Made funds available for maintaining the organ and grand piano;
  • Refinished the wood floor of the Chancel.

Thanks to the current Foundation board members. Their care and concern for Saint John’s is shown through the decisions they have made to provide funds for these many needed projects.

The Board would like to encourage each of you to consider how you can contribute to the Foundation, whether with current assets, future death benefits, insurance proceeds, etc … . There are a number of ways these funds can then be used to provide financial support for so many uses which would not be able to be covered from day-to-day operations.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.