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No one really knew how long the pink carpet had been down in the office. A couple of our Trustees had vague memories of putting it in at the same time some of the women of the congregation worked on the wallpaper—but it was in the remote past. Not quite best measured in decades, but closer than anyone is comfortable admitting. So, in the week before Christmas and in the weeks that have followed, the Foundation funded a “facelift” of the church office area.

The first project was cleanup and painting. A crew of some very hard-working volunteer laborers worked during—and, yes, we know how crazy this sounds—the week before Christmas. Every day a bunch of amazing people came in to plug away at moving furniture, cleaning and, of course, painting. By Christmas Eve, the office was glowing “linen” instead of “institutional gray.” A door-to-nowhere had been filled in, plans for additional shelving had been made and even the safe had been painted.

They pushed hard to get this done so that a flooring company could install a brand new carpet to match the one that had gone in to the downstairs hallway earlier in the year. The installers were in the day after Christmas to spend the rest of the week getting the flooring replaced.

The Trustees have been in and out of the office ever since, checking off the last projects. Pictures and bulletin boards have been re-hung, shelves reinstalled, electrical receptacles replaced. Today, the office looks complete. It’s really comfortable and beautiful. Stop by and see!

The final part of this project will be replacing some of the older and more beaten-up furniture. The Foundation has set aside another fund for this endeavor.

What a wonderful effort on the part of our amazing volunteers! Thank you to all who were involved in whatever way with this project. Thanks, too, to the Saint John’s Foundation—and, through it, the memorials and other large gifts made by congregation members past and present—for making it possible.

The mission of the Foundation is to receive gifts, memorials, insurance proceeds, stock and other financial documents in order to provide funds for needed projects and missions within the Church.