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Happy autumn greetings everyone! I hope you all are healthy and doing well in these crazy times.

Here at Open Arms, we are doing great! Everyone has remained healthy to this point and we are excited about that. We are settled into a routine; the kiddos have gotten comfortable with their classmates and are making great friends. Even the parents are making new friends with each other.

We have been talking about squirrels, scarecrows, colorful fall leaves, fire safety and, most recently, pumpkins. After our dramatic play area was turned into an Apple Orchard for a couple of weeks, it was made into a Pumpkin Patch! As I write this, we are two days away from our field trip to a REAL pumpkin patch. The kids are super excited, but it’s supposed to be cold, so who knows how long we will last out there. We are just excited to be able to go out to our first field trip! We also have our Halloween party coming up next week and the classroom is decorated and ready to go for the festivities. The kids have been talking about their costumes and offering their ideas of what the teacher’s costumes should be.

Parent/teacher conferences took place this past week, which was a great opportunity to talk more in depth with parents one-on-one about their kiddos. We have great families and kids this year, and we are excited to be working with all of them. Everyone is a team player this year, so it feels like one big family. We are blessed!

We had the first Chapel of the year with Pastor Nettleton in the sanctuary earlier in the month. The kiddos were mesmerized by the beautiful windows and “ooohed and ahhhed” as they walked into chapel for the first time. They loved the rainbows that the sun created by shining through the windows. The Bible story that week was about the Ten Commandments. We’ve also talked about The Battle of Jericho, Gideon, Moses as a baby and how he parted the Red Sea. Thank you, Pastor Nettleton!

It’s hard to believe how we are almost already upon Thanksgiving planning time! We cannot have our family feast this year, so we will have our own little version of a feast in the classroom. We will keep our tradition of making pumpkin bread from scratch with the kids in the classroom, so they will enjoy that. Then we will blink, and it will be time for Christmas! With the current situation, we will not be having our Christmas Program as usual, but I think we have a good alternative plan. We will update everyone in our next newsletter once we have the details ready.

We are still waiting to hear when our Colorado Shines rating will be. With the covid crisis, the raters have gotten very backlogged, so we truly have no idea when they will schedule our rating. We are still doing all we can to be ready.

We have truly been blessed so far this year. We could not ask for a better group of families to be spending this year with after such a crazy ending to last year. We will continue to do all we can to stay healthy, keep the kids and families healthy, and make learning fun for these children.

Blessings to you all and prayers for good health and peace.

Kandy Wise is the Director of Open Arms Preschool, a ministry of Saint John’s Lutheran Church. You may reach her at 482-1357 or with any questions about the Preschool.