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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.Augustine of Hippo

I've arrived in Africa for the Mercy Medical Team trip!

It has been one exceptionally long day. Three plane flights and 29 hours later and we're all safe and sound in Nairobi. In our group of twelve, we only lost one piece of baggage, and it will be delivered tomorrow. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we landed in Kenya, so I have not really been able to see the sights yet. I have a feeling I will be well oriented in the days to come!

Tonight we are staying at the Scripture Mission in Nairobi. Here they have a guest house and conference center. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod actually rents office space from the Norwegian Community School for their main Nairobi office. We have single beds to sleep on, mosquito nets to cover our beds and bug spray to keep the exotic diseases away.

So the journey begins! We are nine hours ahead of Colorado time, so it's very late at night on Friday night here. I will do my best to send more pictures and updates in the coming days! For now, usiku mwema (good night) from Kenya!

Saint John's member Kimberly Pepmiller is in Africa through July 25 with ten other doctors and nurses, lending her medical skills at clinics in Kisii, Kenya, operated by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod's Mercy Medical Team.