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Have you been by the upstairs classrooms in the west wing in the last few weeks? If you have, you’ve seen the beautiful new banners there in the old window spaces across from the classroom doors. The Worship Arts Committee commissioned these banners to match the 100th Anniversary banner that’s been “temporarily” hanging in the north narthex for about three years (since the 100th Anniversary celebration). This banner will now hang with the four new banners in this long-term home.

Each of the new banners is based on a different aspect of the congregation’s life together.

The first features the text from John 15, “I am the vine, and my Father is the gardener,” reminding us of how we are rooted to Almighty God through Jesus. In the banner, vines grow up and around the cross. We are to bear fruit, Saint John continues, by remaining in Christ (John 15:4).

“Eternal life is in Him,” begins the next banner, quoting from John, chapter one, “and this life gives light to all mankind.” The image is of Jesus carrying the cross—we have eternal life because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross of Calvary. The light of Christ conquers all darkness, cleanses us of our sin and overcomes the power of Satan.

The third banner celebrates communion with a passage from Luke, chapter 22. “This is My body, given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.” Fellowship at the table is an integral part of the community that we experience together here at saint John’s. The illustration shows the means of grace, the wine and the bread, that we gather around every other Sunday as we worship at the cross of Jesus.

Our worship, especially the music of our praises, is the focus of the last banner. Against a background that resembles stained glass we see two hands raised in celebration, drawn toward—and by—a dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The verse is from Psalm 98, “Make a joyful symphony before the Lord, the King!”

The Worship Arts Committee will be rotating the banners so that each gets special focus on the wall by the Welcome Center. Please take a moment to enjoy these wonderful gifts to the church!

Tom Miles is a member of the Worship Arts Committee, which works throughout the church year to enhance the visual aspects of Saint John’s worship.