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They’ve been a long time coming, but Saint John’s finally has new benches in the South narthex, up by the Welcome Center. The benches are beautiful and match the other furniture in that area perfectly. Stop and have a seat next time you’re passing through!

The Worship Arts committee has been looking for a good and affordable way to replace the old, well-worn benches that have been in the Narthex for quite a few years. We’ve been trying to find plans and woodworks and scouring local stores and the internet for deals on “Amish Mission”-style furniture that would also match the unique color of the two tables in that area.

Then, late last year, Leon Knox came up with the idea of asking he and Arlene’s son-in-law, Jerry Kreisher, about the benches. Jerry teaches Tech Ed at Centennial High School here in Fort Collins, and he thought this would be a good project for his class to tackle. The students got right to work and soon produced these beautiful pieces for Saint John’s!

We were able to pay for the materials with Thrivent Action Team seed money, but Jerry and his students donated the time they spent planning and building the benches.

So, many thanks to Jerry Kreisher, his students at Centennial High School, Leon and Arlene Knox, Thrivent Financial and the very persistent Worship Arts Committee for making these benches happen!

Tom Miles is a member of the Worship Arts Committee, which works throughout the church year to enhance the visual aspects of Saint John’s worship.