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With piercing insight and dramatic reality, our midweek Lenten services will invite us to eavesdrop on the concerns and conflicts of people whose lives were touched and changed by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that our lives, too, might be changed.

Through the weeks of Lent we will overhear conversations between Malchus and Mark, Barabbas and Caiaphas, Pilate and Procula, Simon and the Centurion and Mary and John.

Pastor Nickel's March 5 (Ash Wednesday) message (mp3)

Download the March 5 bulletin (pdf)

Joel Sanford and Tom Miles as Malchus and Mark (March 12) (mp3)

Download the March 12 bulletin (pdf)

Pastor Nickel and Tom Miles as Caiaphas and Barabbas (March 19) (mp3)

Download the March 19 bulletin (pdf)

Pastor Nickel with Tom Miles and Trudi Geilenkirchen as Pilate and Procula (March 26) (mp3)

Download the March 26 bulletin (pdf)

Pastor Nickel and Tom Miles as Simon and the Centurion (April 2) (mp3)

Download the April 2 bulletin (pdf)

Pastor Nettleton with Diane Harding and Tom Miles as Mary and John (April 9) (mp3)

Download the April 9 bulletin (pdf)