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To a refugee or a person in need, a quilt can be a special gift. They can provide shelter from the night cold or the sun’s heat. A quilt can serve as a bed, a room divider, a backpack to carry possessions and, at times, a home.

Last year, Lutheran World Relief distributed 1,455 tons of quilts to 740,000 people in 27 countries throughout the world. The quilt group of Saint John’s is pleased to have contributed to this mission, having delivered more than 60 quilts in the last two years to Denver for distribution by Lutheran World Relief. In addition, quilts have been given to The Road Runners, Crossroads Safehouse and Homeless Gear missions. The Quilters have donated quilts for the Youth Gathering fund drive and for church garage sales. At Christmas, they gave quilts to Secret Santa for the elderly and holiday lap robes to our congregation’s homebound members. Many quilts were sold at the Fall Fair, which raised money for missions. Members of the quilt group also do hand quilting for clients, using the money they receive for missions and supplies.

Donations of thread, remnant cotton fabric, used sheets, light blankets and mattress pads are welcome for quilt projects. The Quilters are grateful to the Northern Larimer County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for a supplemental fund of $500 that was used to purchase batting needed for the quilts.

The Quilters also welcome additional helpers! The group meets on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 to Noon in the Small Fellowship Hall. Some participants piece simple blocks for quilt tops and others work at the quilting frame. The last Friday of each month, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, is Lutheran World Relief workshop day. The group sandwiches the pieced tops, the batting and the backing to form the quilts. Some members tie the quilts with yarn. Everyone brings sack lunches and has a good time. Won’t you join them?

The Quilters meet twice a week (Monday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 to Noon) and the last Friday of every month. Contact the church office for more information.