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What do ramen noodles, baby wipes and a suit jacket have in common? All of these things—and more—have been provided to the Seminary community in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, through the Concordia Theological Seminary’s Food and Clothing Co-op.

Some families may have more needs than others, but many hundreds of lives have been touched by this much needed service to a community unique to our seminaries. Food to fill the pantry, clothing for growing children and men about to start their new Vicarages and Calls, necessities for babies—these are just a sample of what is provided to those who are preparing for service in our midst.

As each seminarian prepares to serve the Lord “wherever and whenever He has need of us,” our mites and gifts help provide him and his family with essential needs. Many, many pastors (and their wives) can tell stories of how support from the LWML (from societies, districts, mite-funded food banks, etc.) has touched their lives in times of need.

Thank you to our sisters in the Rocky Mountain District who are providing their mites and their prayers to provide ways for families to Serve the Lord with Gladness. This mission grant of $7,500 has been only partially funded, so please keep the families that are served by the Ft. Wayne Seminary Food and Clothing Co-op in your prayers that their needs may be met by the Great Provider, just as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has provided for all of our spiritual needs through His death and resurrection.

The Mission Guild is Saint John’s branch of the national Lutheran Women’s Missionary League organization that participates in mission projects both at home and abroad.