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Attention Elderberries: the “Twentieth Annual Older Adult Gathering” will be held September 8 and 9 at Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Broomfield. The gathering is sponsored by the Older Adult Ministry Committee of the Rocky Mountain District—LCMS. The theme for this year’s gathering is “Seniors, God and Family.” This is a two-day, one-night event. The total cost is a friendly $50.00 per person, which includes two conference meals and setup costs at Risen Savior Lutheran Church. Attendees will need to make their own hotel/breakfast arrangements.


The keynote speaker will be Michael Eckelkamp, Senior Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School in Denver. He serves as a consultant and coach for the Transforming Congregations Network and a mentor for Natural Church Development.

Dr. Brian Blackwood is a orthopedic surgeon at Mapleton Hill Orthopedics, specializing in knee replacement, robotic-assisted partial knee and hip replacement, direct anterior hip replacement, complex knee and select hip revision surgery, and knee arthroscopy. He is a two-time Academic All-American football player.

Bill McCartney is a former All American football player, coach, and founder of Promise Keepers. He has been honored with many personal awards,serves on numerous boards, and has authored five books.

Craig Loving is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Addiction Counselor. He has spoken on topics such as communication, effectiveness, adolescent depression and substance abuse prevention and recovery. He is now with First National Bank of Omaha.

Gaylen Williams has extensive experience in estate planning and trust administration. He feels that an understanding of the practical approach to retirement and dealing with finances is considered important for seniors. He and his wife, Kay, are members of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Collins.

Philip Cameron is Senior Pastor at Risen Savior Lutheran. Phil helped transform the church with the growing community while going through three building programs, adding staff and programs, and mentoring young men preparing to be pastors. He will conclude the Adult Gathering with a sermonette at the closing service.

Register Soon!

Early registration is encouraged. The deadline is August 15 so catering arrangements can be finalized. If you're interested in attending, please contact Diane Harding. She can also give you more information about the conference and any ride- or room-sharing that might be coordinated from Saint John's.

The Elderberries Board (the Board of Older Adult Ministries) affirms the unique worth of older persons, equips older people for ministry and provides opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for older adults.