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The Board of Adult Education wishes to thank all Saint John’s members for the fantastic response to Kevin Seiler’s February newsletter article requesting your book donations to help grow Saint John’s library. Many of you continue to drop off books, which are being cataloged and put on the shelves as fast as our volunteer office staff can manage! Come to Room 301 (near the Welcome Center outside the south doors of the Worship Center), browse and check out a book or two, take home and enjoy your selections now. To check out a book, simply record your name, the name of the book and a date on the check out sheet in the Library. There is also a drop off box for returning books.

We would also like to remind all of you that in addition to the books donated, we still have a great selection of current topical magazines. These periodicals are a great way to keep up on current events and help make our library an even more valuable resource for our growth in God’s word. Magazines are free for the taking, and we invite your to drop off your recent issues once you've finished reading them.

One of the Board of Education's new goals is to encourage all of you to prayerfully consider donating any of your older Bibles to Saint John’s by dropping off in the library, including those smaller print Bibles you may have that may be starting to get a little hard to make out. Donating Bibles of any kind is always a great way to share God’s word. We are investigating where the need is most for these treasures: homeless shelters, the mission fields of Africa or Asia, our men and women in the military and, of course, the real and immediate need of prison ministries. You may also know of some need we haven’t considered, so we encourage you to pass your thoughts on to one of the Board members, church staff or Pastor Nettleton.

Replace your donated Bible these with a new larger print or other version of your choice. Look for a replacement during the Concordia Fall Ministry Catalog Sale (August 31 through September 14 at the Welcome Center), at The American Bible Society or at any of the good book stores in our community. Also, keep in mind that a Bible makes a great gift for any occasion, especially for those starting a new school season.

The members of the Board of Education are Dale Walters (chair), Jim Bernecker (secretary), Ron Hert, Kevin Seiler and RoxAnn Karkoff-Schweizer (Council liaison). If anyone has something for us to take to the committee, feel free to catch one of them.