Our Promise

Open Arms exists to provide:

  • A preschool of the highest quality, where children can learn and develop in a loving, caring, Christian setting;
  • A positive first-school and first-teacher experience;
  • A place of instruction structured to balance active and quiet times with individual and group activities;
  • An educational program that will help prepare each child for kindergarten through the development of basic academic skills, including letter names and sounds, shapes and colors, number recognition and beginning math concepts and small and large motor skills;
  • An opportunity for enhancement of each child's creativity through music, dramatic play and visual arts;
  • An environment designed to establish and sustain each child in a relationship with Jesus Christ, which provides a basis for the development of healthy self-esteem and character development;
  • A challenging environment where students can progressively increase their learning experiences and their individual responsibilities according to their personal strengths and interests

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